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A complete overview about Bandhani Sarees

by reach . on Dec 10, 2023

A complete overview about Bandhani Sarees

Bandhani Sarees: Weaving fashion into every thread since 5 Millennia

Come what may, a trend that will never see the end of the day is flaunting an elegant handloom saree made with vibrant colours and intricate craftsmanship. Among the many Indian fabrics, Bandhani Sarees have garnered the attention of the young and the old for their unique flow, comfort and artistry. The journey of this Indian textile weaves through centuries of tradition and enduring allure. Unravel the origin of Bandhani sarees in India and how they have captured a global market today with a twist. 


Originating from the Indian states of Rajasthan and Gujarat, the Bandhani saree is synonymous with tie-and-die craftsmanship and vibrant colours. This ancient textile tradition, dating back over 5000 years, found its roots in the arid landscapes of these states, where skilled artisans mastered the intricate technique of tying small portions of fabric with threads before dyeing, creating mesmerizing patterns.

 Though the earliest evidence of Bandhani dates back to the Indus Valley Civilisation, where dyeing was done in 4000 BC, the Khatri Community of Gujarat is believed to be the initial root for the development of this exquisite fabric in India. The ancient fabric gets its name Bandhani from the Sanskrit word 'Bandhan', which means tying up. 

 Artisans pluck the cloth with their fingernails into multiple tiny bindings that form a pattern and are dyed in multiple colours to produce the famous Chandrakala, Shikari, Bavan Baug, and other designs once untied. Different colours used in the Bandhani saree convey different meanings, and the local tale believes that wearing red brings good luck to a newlywed. 

 Bandhani sarees came to the market through the deft hands of local artisans, who transformed their communities into hubs of exquisite craftsmanship in India. The Bandhani sarees gained popularity not only for their vibrant hues but also for the meticulous detailing achieved through the tie-and-dye method. As the demand for these unique textiles grew, traders and merchants played a pivotal role in bringing Bandhani sarees to wider markets. 

 Over the centuries, the art of Bandhani expanded its footprint, becoming a staple in the cultural repertoire of Indian textiles. The timeless appeal and cultural significance of Bandhani sarees ensured their presence in traditional celebrations, weddings, and festivals. Today, these sarees have transcended regional boundaries, captivating global markets and establishing Bandhani as a symbol of India's rich textile heritage.


Bandhani sarees have taken form and shape by blending in with various other fabrics from across the country. They continue to adapt to the changing trends and attract every coming generation to their timeless beauty; however, check out these top 10 evergreen bandhani sarees in India. 


  1. Classic Bandhani Saree:

Traditional Bandhani sarees with vibrant colours and intricate tie-and-dye patterns.


  1. Leheriya Bandhani Saree:

Characterized by diagonal stripes, Leheriya Bandhani sarees are known for their dynamic and colourful appeal.


  1. Gajji Bandhani Saree:

Typically made with silk on a dark background, Gajji Bandhani sarees are adorned with intricate patterns.


  1. Shikari Bandhani Saree:

Shikari Bandhani sarees feature a unique hunting-inspired pattern, often with small dots resembling rifle shots.


  1. Chunari Bandhani Saree:

Inspired by the design of a dupatta, Chunari Bandhani sarees have a central motif resembling a dupatta draped over the shoulder.


  1. Khombi Bandhani Saree:

Khombi, meaning a square, is a geometric pattern often seen in Bandhani sarees, creating a visually appealing design.


  1. Aadam Bandhani Saree:

Aadam Bandhani sarees feature a distinctive pattern resembling the shape of an almond, creating an elegant look.


  1. Ekdali Bandhani Saree:

Ekdali, meaning single dot, refers to Bandhani sarees with a prominent single dot in the centre of each tied cluster.


  1. Barfi Bandhani Saree:

Barfi sarees showcase a pattern resembling the shape of Indian sweets (barfi), adding a playful element to the design.


  1. Matka Bandhani Saree:

Matka Bandhani silk sarees are crafted from coarse silk, offering a unique texture and a blend of tradition and modernity.




Silk Bandhani sarees epitomize elegance, blending the luxurious sheen of silk with the timeless charm of intricate Bandhani tie-and-dye craftsmanship. These sarees stand as a testament to the rich Indian textiles, weaving together tradition, opulence, and artistry in every intricate knot and vibrant hue.


The hallmark of a Silk Bandhani saree lies in the exquisite play of patterns created through the tie-and-dye technique. The silk fabric, known for its lustrous texture, serves as an ideal canvas for meticulous artistry, allowing the vibrant colours to come to life with unparalleled richness. The heavy Bandhani saree, in particular, takes this craftsmanship to new heights, offering a resplendent garment that exudes regality and sophistication.


Artisans meticulously tie thousands of tiny knots across the silk fabric before immersing it in a spectrum of dyes. This labour-intensive process handed down through generations, results in elaborate patterns ranging from traditional dots and waves to more intricate motifs, showcasing the artisan's skill and creativity. The heavy Bandhani saree, with its dense clusters of tied knots, presents a visual feast of patterns that adds weight to its visual appeal.


The Silk Bandhani saree is a versatile garment that seamlessly transitions from grand occasions to cultural celebrations. One of the distinctive features of the Silk Bandhani saree is its ability to blend tradition with contemporary aesthetics effortlessly. It allows wearers to embrace the rich cultural heritage while making a bold fashion statement.


 Banarasi Bandhani sarees, the epitome of luxury and traditional artistry, seamlessly marry the regal allure of Banarasi silk with the intricate beauty of Bandhani tie-and-dye craftsmanship. These sarees represent a harmonious union of two time-honoured textile traditions, creating garments that embody luxury, cultural richness, and exquisite detailing.


The distinctive charm of Banarasi Bandhani sarees lies in the meticulous art of Bandhani, where skilled artisans tie thousands of tiny knots across the surface of Banarasi silk before immersing it in vibrant dyes. The heavy Bandhani saree, adorned with densely clustered tie-and-dye patterns, stands out as a masterpiece, showcasing the artisan's dedication to precision and design.


The Art of Bandhani in Banarasi Silk:

 The Banarasi Bandhani saree begins its journey with the selection of the finest Banarasi silk threads. This luxurious fabric, known for its opulent texture and lustrous sheen, forms the perfect canvas for the elaborate Bandhani patterns. Artisans skillfully tie the silk fabric, creating intricate designs that range from traditional dots to elaborate motifs, showcasing a symphony of patterns that add depth and texture to the saree.


Innovation in Tradition:

 While steeped in tradition, Banarasi Bandhani sarees also embrace innovation. Designers experiment with classic and contemporary motifs, infusing fresh perspectives into the intricate tie-and-dye patterns. This fusion of tradition and innovation ensures that Banarasi Bandhani sarees remain relevant in modern fashion, appealing to a wide range of tastes.


The Cultural Significance:

Banarasi Bandhani sarees are not just garments; they are cultural symbols. Adorned during weddings, festivals, and other significant occasions, the Bandhani sarees carry the weight of cultural traditions and familial legacies of two different states. They seamlessly merge the grace and finesse of two different weaving techniques, giving birth to one of the finest saree collections in India. 




 Kanchipuram Bandhani sarees represent a harmonious marriage of two celebrated textile traditions – the intricate tie-and-dye craftsmanship of Bandhani of the North and the opulent silk weaving of the South. This fusion of styles gives rise to a saree that seamlessly blends the vibrant patterns of Bandhani with the luxurious texture of Kanchipuram silk.

 These sarees are characterized by their finely tied knots forming traditional Bandhani motifs across the silk fabric. The Kanchipuram silk, known for its unmatched quality and sheen, provides a regal canvas for the elaborate Bandhani patterns, resulting in a garment of timeless elegance.

 In recent times, Kanchipuram Bandhani sarees have emerged as a significant trend in the market. The amalgamation of two distinct weaving traditions appeals to modern sensibilities while retaining a deep connection to India's rich textile heritage. The sarees are celebrated for their versatility, making them suitable for both traditional ceremonies and contemporary celebrations. The unique combination of vibrant Bandhani designs on the body paired with a rich Kanchipuram border has garnered attention from fashion enthusiasts, making these sarees a sought-after choice for those who appreciate the seamless blend of tradition and innovation in their wardrobe. 



 Mavuri showcases an exquisite Bandhani saree collection that transcends the boundaries of time and trend. The curated selection at Mavuri seamlessly blends age-old craftsmanship with contemporary styles, offering a diverse range of Bandhani sarees that cater to every taste and occasion.

 From classic Bandhani patterns to innovative modern designs like the Banarasi Bandhani Sarees, Mavuri's collection is a testament to the brand's commitment to preserving and promoting India's rich handloom heritage. Each saree tells a unique story, crafted by skilled artisans who pour their expertise and passion into every knot and dye. Mavuri's support for handloom weavers and artisans is not only evident in the quality of their Bandhani sarees but also in the brand's dedication to ethical and sustainable fashion practices.

 Customers exploring the Bandhani saree collection at Mavuri can expect a harmonious fusion of tradition and contemporary flair. Whether it's a timeless classic for a cultural celebration or a modern twist for a fashion-forward statement, Mavuri's Bandhani saree collection caters to diverse preferences. 

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