Ikat at Mavuri Embracing the Artistic Symphony of Colours and Patterns.


For a saree aficionado, Ikat silk is a name which resonates with deep adoration. With roots in various regions of the culturally-rich India, Ikat has captivated the hearts of generations in various avatars. Spanning across a plethora of vibrant colours and close-knit patterns mirroring the sophisticated handloom, this genre of silk drape is a dream addition to every woman’s wardrobe.Ikat silk sarees find themselves in a special place in the expansive Mavuris inventory, a treasure trove of timeless fabric, sold both online and offline. From resplendent reds to gorgeous greens, the collection leaves a golden impression on women in pursuit of a long-lasting saree. 

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Unravelling the origins of Ikat Silk Sarees 

The origin of Ikat traverses regional borders, with roots in the Gujarat, Telangana, and Odisha states. These hand loomed sarees are found in unique forms across the land, differentiated by colours, patterns, and looming techniques. What sets apart each sub category of the Ikat weave are the unique methods incorporated by the artisans, who sweat their heart out to materialise a silk saree of pinnacle quality. 

The nuances of Ikat 

Over the years, each region has given birth to its own version of the Ikat silk saree. These featured distinguishable patterns ranging from geometrically symmetries to motifs of tribal culture and mythological figures. Some of the popular varieties of the Ikat silk saree, each with an identification of its own across the country, are the Pochampally (Telangana), Sambalpuri (Odisha), and Patola (Gujarat) sarees. Sharing the fame with these are the Bomaki (Odisha), Baluchari (West Bengal), and Puttapaka (Telangana) sarees. 

Craftsmanship and looming technique 

The Ikat method of making these indigenous silk sarees involves extensive artisanal work. Weavers expertly combine the warp (crosswise) and weft (lengthwise) threads on the loom before subjecting them to appearance enhancing processes such as starching and washing. The threads are initially bathed in ethically sourced natural dyes and then set on the loom. 

What sets Ikat apart?

Generally priced for their light weight, Ikat silk sarees are made out of the finest materials to make them easy to carry. This also gives Ikat sarees an edge to be worn gracefully to any occasion while not compromising on the opulence of the appearance. A wide array of vibrant natural dyes are incorporated for these sarees, giving women a plethora of options to pick from for their wardrobe.

Mavuris collection of Ikat Silk Sarees 

 Mavuris’ Ikat collection testifies to the grandeur of the variety of sarees- from Pochampally and Sambalpuri to Kalamkari, Bandhani, and many others at various price ranges. The Ishwari, Ahana, Sangam, Kriya, and Avani collections host some of the finest drapes that come with an exceptional colour and pattern range. The online store of Mavuris is an abode of exquisite Ikat silk sarees that instil a sense of fashion and a feel of luxury.