For centuries, the textiles of India have been the cynosure of many around the world. The immense variety of weaves can speak volumes about the diversity of skill, and craftsmanship, one can find here.
We, at Mavuri, work at collating the diverse range and having the best weaves available for you to choose from. Handwoven masterpieces, each having their own unique style of weaving, are sourced from across various regions of India. Covering the length and breadth of the country, we collaborate with respective local weaver communities, thereby further encouraging / boosting their livelihood.

Hailing from the weavers' community, our lineage in the textile apparel industry is traced back to our great grandmother, Mavuri Veeramma Garu.

Back in the 1930s, our matriarch would curate and sell the finest of the handwoven saris, as an exclusive wedding edit. Dressed in a kaasta, without a blouse, she would go from house to house selling the hand-woven weaves. Be it her unique dressing style, or her eternal love for handloom products, there are countless little things about her from which we gain immense inspiration. Above all, it was her undying spirit to be bold and fiercely independent, which makes her the muse of Mavuri.
Taking her legacy forward, we at Mavuri, unravel the beauty of sustainable and ethical fashion through each and every handwoven sari at a time. Created with precision and attention to detail, it takes weeks of dedicated work and immense artisanship of our master weavers to craft six yards of elegance. Each sari at Mavuri is a virtuosic work of art that evokes a smile that speaks a thousand words.
Join us on this wonderful journey and take home delightful handloom saris.


Address of Principal Place of Business
29-2-22 to 25, OPP JUDGE COURT, JAIL ROAD, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, 530020