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How do I buy pure Kanjeevaram silk saree online?

by Manoj Prabhakar on Nov 07, 2022

How do I buy pure Kanjeevaram silk saree online?

While a few years ago you would have to make a trip to a true brick-and-mortar store to buy your favourite Kanjeevaram, aka Kanchipuram, silk saree, today’s online market space has made it much easier to shop for your favourite sarees. With multiple stores promising the rich lushness of these sarees in varying colours, you get to choose from a wide price range as well. Though technology has made it easy for anyone to start an online store, buying such authentic sarees is still a challenge. In this article, we throw light on how you can buy pure and authentic Kanjeevaram silk sarees online.

  • Look for range
  • Rather than stores that provide you with limited options, always try to make your purchase from a store that offers a large variety of Kanjeevaram sarees. This will enable you to select your Kanchipuram silk saree from a host of other options. Stores that offer a wide range of collections, often have a more trusted channel established with the weavers. You can thus be ensured that the store will have authentic sarees for you.

  • Consider product descriptions
  • Pay close attention to the product description that is listed beside the product. When purchasing Kanjeevaram silk sarees, ensure that you know the kind of material that you’re purchasing. Look for terminology such as ‘pure silk’ ratidea first her than “blended” or “mixed silks”. Also look for information about the weight of the saree, its colour, and the kind of zari used. This will help you decide whether a particular price range is justified and enables you to easily compare with other stores.

  • Compare the prices
  • Compare the prices of sarees from one store with other places. Base your price comparisons on product descriptions also. For example, a pure silk Kanjivaram saree with pure zari will definitely cost more than a plain Kanjivaram silk saree with no motifs. This will give you a fair idea of the price range and enable you to choose the right store. While buying the cheapest sarees is not the best option, opt for a store that offers you competitive pricing for its products.

  • Utilize online support
  • As Kanjeevaram sarees are expensive produce, if you’re buying from a store for the first time, try to communicate with the seller first. Ensure that your saree will have the GI tag, and clarify your doubts with the online help available. Steer clear of stores where the online help is either unresponsive or too pushy.

  • Buy from a trusted store
  • The store you make your purchase from is of absolute importance. Always opt for trusted stores that have expertise and experience in silk sarees. Not only would such stores have a wide range of sarees to choose from, but will also bring you the right kind of quality.

  • Check the reviews
  • Reviews are a great indicator of the quality of products at a particular store. Other than reviews by customers on sites like Amazon, you can also take the feedback of friends and family members. Familiar sites and shopping spaces are always a safe bet, as at times search results can be rigged and lead you to places that are not authentic and safe for purchasing. Third party sites can give you a good general idea about the store, the satisfaction levels of the customers, and other aspects.

  • Look at the store’s policies
  • While reading the fine print can seem tedious, it is of special importance when you plan to buy expensive Kanjeevaram pure silk sarees. Check the store’s promise of authenticity, which can assure you of product quality. Also, look for relevant certifications, and return and exchange policies. When purchasing Kanjeevaram sarees, do ensure that your saree have the GI tag of authenticity.

  • Consider secure payment gateways
  • While a few small stores may entice you with lesser prices and beautiful products, they may not always have secure payment gateways. This is of utmost importance when you are investing more money in your sarees. Ensure that the online store you purchase from has a secure payment gateway. For this, check that the website has SSL encryption, which would be the case if the site has HTTPS instead of HTTP in its URL.

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