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Mavuri and Silken Bonds

by Bhargavi Mittalu on May 31, 2023

Mavuris Banaras silk saree

Transcending 1411km of distance, well-known retailer Mavuri, located in the south Indian port city Visakhapatnam, has established an enduring relationship with the Holy City, Banaras and its weaving wizards. The cultural differences and physical distance notwithstanding, the time-tested silken threads hold this partnership in an unbreakable bond. Inextricably connected with the artisans par excellence, Mavuri has become a perfect and lasting platform for the Banaras heirlooms. 

Thanks to the internet, the saree-lovers world over, can now browse and pick their choice, peering through the expert eyes of Mavuri and enrich their wardrobes. Yes, Mavuri does the much needed spadework for them. Skimming through the humongous quantity and mind-boggling variety of sarees, Mavuri brings the very best for its esteemed clientele. 

Maverick Mavoori (About Us)

The magnificent Mavuri journey, spanning over four generations, was set off by a single woman crusader Mavuri Veeramma garu in 1930. Her adventure has to be stoutly applauded as it started during the era when woman were home-bound and their stepping out was considered sacrilege. Driven by pure passion, the Mavuri muse curated fine hand-woven sarees keeping the bridal trousseau in mind. Dressed in kaasta, she would go from door to door selling exclusive wedding sarees. Her indomitable spirit and zeal to popularise this indigenous treasure have become the guiding lights for the successive generations that took the legacy forward with great flair. The Mavuri clan kept the family flag flying. With flourishing branches at various places, Mavuri has now grown in to a massive organization dealing with varied verticals. Besides providing livelihood for countless people, it also lends support to innumerable beleaguered weavers across the country.  

Banaras saree & Mavuri 

The Banarasi Silk Saree has dominated the Indian textile tapestry for centuries. It has come a long way, following the contours of popular tastes; satiating the ever-changing demands of the saree-lovers. It has also assumed new features without sacrificing its distinctive original traits and templates. Stepping out of the confines of brick and mortar stores, it made forays into online shopping platforms in a big way. That was when the reputed Mavuri stepped in, providing a very befitting platform for the celebrated Banaras saree. Already a known name for its high quality products and stanch business ethics, Mavuri has become an instant and effective bridge between the diligent artisans and the discerning customers. 

Realising the significance of Banarasi handloom, Mavuri selects each saree with religious fervour and brings the revered offering to its esteemed customer. To accomplish this well-set goal, Mavuri employs only the ace Banaras weavers, who worship their craft and weave sarees to perfection. Each creation speaks for their devotion and dexterity. So you can just leave your care and concern and place your order. Be assured of the authenticity and genuineness of the saree. It is as good as you are physically feeling the saree and laying your hands right on it in Banaras. Mavuri offers you a hassle-free and travel-spared shopping experience in which you can pick the saree of your dreams , and sarees are always hearts of women.

Spoilt for choice 

Mavuri online service brings you a humongous range of sarees, anything from minimalistic to high end. Mavuri excels in its collection of Banarasi Katan, Banarasi Georgette, Banarasi Munga Silk and Banarasi Kora sarees

  • Banarasi Katan Silk Sarees are woven with twisted silk threads and innovative motifs embellish the saree.
  • Banarasi Georgette Sarees adopt latest dying techniques and organic yarns and are perfect for any ceremonial events and weddings.  
  • Banarasi Munga Silk Sarees, made of different silk yarns, are an alluring innovation in textiles. Flaunting beautiful prints, some of them can be appropriate for office wear. 
  • Banarasi Kora Sarees come in varied combinations and permutations of earthy colours and are embellished with zari and kanji borders, mirror work and a wide range of motifs.

Tantalizing Tag:
Motivated to bring the best of the Banaras sarees to its loyal clients and give a wholesome treat to its enormous customer base, Mavuri keeps replenishing its online window. It is Mavuri online platform that has the scope and strength to show you a phenomenal range of Banaras sarees, that too with comparable prices, anything between Rs.8,000 and Rs.60,000. 

Fall in love with a Banaras saree and drape it in the style you wish to flaunt and step up your fashion quotient. It is just a click away from you. Your go-to online platform is Mavuri.