dhakai sarees

Presenting our online Dhakai saree collection from the heartlands of Bangladesh 

The Dhakai saree, also recognised as Dhakai Jamdani saree, emerges from the vibrant cultural tapestry of Bangladesh, specifically Dhaka. These weaves stand as a testament to the rich heritage of handwoven textiles. This avatar of the saree is celebrated for the craftsmanship and fine muslin fabric, making them a coveted choice. 

Mavuri’s, with a vibrant presence on online platforms and offline stores, presents a swoon worthy Dhakai saree range at various price ranges, enticing the wearer with the brilliance of Bangladesh.

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From the capital of Bangladesh

Originating from Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhakai sarees showcase a perfect blend of traditional elegance and contemporary allure. The fine muslin fabric, often a combination of silk and cotton, provides a lightweight and sheer texture that is comfortable to wear, particularly in warmer climates.

What sets the Dhakai saree apart 

The hallmark of Dhakai sarees lies in the intricate handwoven designs created through the Jamdani weaving technique. Skilled artisans manually add supplementary weft threads to the loom, crafting elaborate patterns that often feature floral motifs, geometric shapes, and traditional symbols. The sheerness of the fabric adds a touch of delicacy to the saree, enhancing its overall appeal.

A drape for special occasions 

Dhakai sarees are not just garments but cultural statements with deep-rooted significance in Bengali culture. Worn on special occasions such as weddings and festivals, these sarees are a symbol of tradition and refinement.

Deep-rooted cultural significance 

The cultural significance of Dhakai sarees is reflected in the diverse range of designs and motifs that adorn them. Traditional patterns often depict scenes from mythology, celebrating the region's flora and fauna. The Mughal influence during the mediaeval period further enriched Dhakai sarees with intricate zari work and Persian-inspired motifs, creating a fusion of cultural elements.

An artisanal masterpiece 

Despite changing fashion trends, the art of Dhakai weaving has been preserved through generations. Artisans in Dhaka and other weaving clusters continue to employ traditional techniques, ensuring the authenticity and charm of Dhakai sarees endure.

Mavuri’s online Dhakai saree collection

Dhakai sarees are celebrated for their mesmerising colour palette and intricate motifs. Whether online or offline, exploring the diverse Dhakai silk saree collections in various price ranges allows individuals to connect with the timeless allure of this age-old weave. Each Dhakai saree on the Mavuris’s online and offline embodies a symphony of cultures. They blend with the Kanchipuram, Organza, and other styles, reflecting the elegance of tradition.