Dupion Silk Sarees




Welcome to Mavuri, where the epitome of sophistication converges with tradition in our exquisite collection of Dupion Silk Sarees. Elevating your style with the luxurious charm of handcrafted silk, meticulously woven to redefine elegance, our Dupion Silk collection stands as a testament to the timeless beauty and versatility of this fabric. This curated range includes Handloom Dupion Silk Sarees, Banarasi Dupion Silk Sarees, and Tussar Dupion Silk Sarees – each tailored to perfection for the modern woman who values both craftsmanship and style.

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Characteristics and Properties of Silk Dupion   

Silk Dupion emerges as a preferred choice among silk fabrics, celebrated for its unique characteristics that seamlessly blend luxury with durability. Recognizable by its lightness, subtle sparkle, and crisp texture, Dupion Silk holds an elegant allure, making it a favored option for various occasions.

Dupion's strength surpasses other silk fabrics due to its dual thread nature, a result of two silkworms spinning their cocoons in an interlocking manner. This characteristic, similar to Shantung but thicker and heavier, creates cross-wise irregularities, enhancing the fabric's visual appeal.

The fabric's distinctive texture makes it an excellent choice for embroidery and beading. Its crisp nature facilitates easy cutting and sewing while ensuring that creases are held impeccably. This versatility makes Dupion a canvas for intricate embellishments.

Highly resistant to wrinkles, Dupion Silk ensures garments maintain a polished appearance even after prolonged wear. Its dyeability is exceptional, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting colorations. Often woven in a plain weave with rayon or natural silk in the warp and Dupion in the weft, this technique enhances its effect and adds to its overall strength.

Produced without the use of chemicals, Banarasi Dupion allows for a wide range of color variations, aligning with modern preferences for sustainable and conscious fabric choices. To soften its crisp texture, washing Dupion with water is recommended, ensuring comfort against the skin.

Dupion is available in Indian or Italian finish. The Italian finish is smoother, providing a more polished appearance, while the Indian finish has a nubby texture like tussar dupion silk saree, adding a touch of uniqueness to the fabric. The fabric also comes in various designs, including embroidered patterns, stripes, polka dots, painted motifs, and beaded embellishments, catering to diverse preferences.

Renowned for its comfort and luxurious feel, Dupion stands as the most durable natural fabric. With absorbency equal to that of wool, it becomes a practical and comfortable choice for various climates. It is also environmentally friendly, resistant to soil, moths, and mildew, making it a sustainable option for those seeking eco-conscious wardrobe choices.

Explore the Elegance at Mavuri  

In our collection at Mavuri, each Dupion Silk Saree is a testament to the rich legacy of silk weaving. Whether choosing a Handloom Dupion Silk Saree, a Banarasi Dupion Silk Saree, or a Tussar Dupion Silk Saree, you embrace a tradition of craftsmanship and style. Indulge in the timeless beauty of Dupion Silk Sarees at Mavuri, where every drape tells a story of elegance, tradition, and the empowered spirit of the modern working woman. Elevate your wardrobe with the sheer sophistication of Dupion Silk, a fabric resonating with the dynamic and graceful essence of today's professional woman.