Kanchipuram Soft Silk Sarees

Silken Struggles Unwrapping the Troubling Terrains of Pure Kanchipuram Silk Sarees


Numerous crests and troughs have been observed over the course of the pure Kanchipuram soft silk saree industry’s history, but it has acquired a strong global presence. Nonetheless, it is presently facing its most major problems, which include responding to changing client tastes, abolishing unfair practices, embracing new technologies, and exploring diversification. Especially meeting the customer’s demands online.

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Help The Weavers Overcome Their Struggles By Shopping At Mavuri

The silk and textile business in Kanchipuram was once dominated by a small group of merchants who sourced sarees from local weavers and distributed them in the market. However, this arrangement harmed the weavers since they were not appropriately paid for their efforts and expertise.

Furthermore, child labour was a serious problem in the Kanchipuram soft silk industry. Many children were compelled to labour in weaving units at an early age owing to poverty and a lack of possibilities. These youngsters were frequently from impoverished neighbourhoods where education and essentials were sparse. Instead of going to school and enjoying their youth, they were forced to work in the difficult and time consuming process of silk weaving.

Child labour abuse in the pure Kanchipuram soft silk sarees industry was a result of power dynamics between merchants and weavers. The merchants wielded considerable power over the production and distribution networks, controlling the conditions of engagement and pushing down weavers' earnings. As a result, the weavers, who were frequently members of the same communityy as the child labourers, became locked in a cycle of poverty, unable to receive adequate recompense for their work.

With growing awareness and activism, initiatives were taken over time to reduce child labour and improve working conditions in Kanchipuram's soft silk business. Organisations and government agencies worked together to develop programmes that provided vocational training, social support, and financial aid that impacted communities, allowing them to seek other careers and provide a better future for their children.


Against Technology and Client Needs

One of the most pressing issues confronting the business today is the need to adapt to shifting consumer demands. Fashion trends and consumer tastes are continuously changing, forcing the industry to keep up to date on the most popular styles, designs, colours, and patterns. Understanding and addressing these altering expectations is critical for maintaining customer interest and guaranteeing Kanchipuram silk sarees' continuous market relevance.

Even during the Covid-19 lockdown phase, to reach clients who could not visit physical stores, the industry shifted its focus to online means. Pure Kanchipuram silk saree manufacturers and retailers expanded their potential and migrated to  various e-commerce platforms.


Intoday’s digital era, it is important to meet the demands of a customer online. The weavers, over time, have slowly  but surely started adopting business models and strategies that involve collaborating with user-friendly e-commerce platforms. Success requires technological expertise, marketing acumen and customer-centric approaches, and we at Mavuri have perfected it!


Diversification necessitates a shift in design and production methods. Weaving silk  sarees requires sophisticated and specialised skills that may or may not be transferable to other garments or product kinds. Creating contemporary apparel or accessories necessitates design experience and knowledge of current fashion trends, which may need the industry investing in design education and training programmes to gain the essential talents. Together, with the unwavering commitment of Mavuri and empathetic shoppers like you, the remarkable talent of the weavers, the Kanchipuram silk saree industry is poised to overcome its struggles and embrace a future of diversity, innovation, and continued success.