Marathi Paithani Saree

Paithani Sarees Entwined with the Fabric of Maharashtrian Culture


Marathi Paithani Saree, the pride possession of Maharashtrians, derives its name from its birthplace Paithan in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The history of Marathi Paithani Saree is as glorious as the saree itself. It dates back to 200 BC when it enjoyed the unstinting patronage of art-loving Satavjahanas who ruled the region at that time. However, it was during the reign of the Maratha dynasty in the 17th and 18th centuries that Marathi Paithani Sarees were introduced to the aristocracy and had become a symbol of status and prestige. It was Shivaji Maharaj who gave the Marathi Paithani Saree a distinct identity.

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National Handloom Day: A fitting tribute

As a tribute to Shivaji's contributions to native textiles, the Indian government has declared Shivaji Jayanti (Shivaji’s birth centenary) which falls on August 7 as the National Handloom Day. That is the day the nation acknowledges and honours the handloom weavers and the significant and indispensable role they play in augmenting the country's economy and culture.


Goddess Parvati and the Paithani: The legendary tale of birth 

Besides being mentioned in the Rigveda, the Marathi Paithani Saree has a mythological story going with it. According to the fable, Goddess Parvathi was the first weaver of Paithani Saree. Fascinated by the beauty of the sarees worn by the women in the court of Lord Indra, Parvathi gathered some fine silk yarn, dyed it in vibrant colours and crafted the Paithani Saree with intricate design. She used pure gold and silver threads to make the saree opulent. Smitten by the beauty and elegance of Paithani Saree, Lord Shiva declared it to be the symbol of love and devotion.


The Marathi Paithani Silk Saree is a prerequisite in Maharashtra weddings

In Maharashtra, no wedding or special occasion would be ever complete without pretty Marathi women bustling about flaunting Paithani Silk Sarees. The first saree to make it to the Marathi bride’s trousseau is always the Marathi Paithani Saree. Understanding this ever-growing demand, artisans started incorporating all those features that would make the bridal saree worth preserving for posterity. It has assumed the status of an heirloom to be gifted to the next generation bride in the family. 


The Magnificent Marathi Paithani Silk Saree Earns Global Recognition 

Over the years, the Marathi Paithani had transcended the borders of Maharashtra and spread its splendour the world over. The Marathi Paithani has become so popular that it has become a must-add in the trousseau of not only Marathi brides but also brides of all communities. There are demands pouring in for Marathi Paithani Silk Sarees from all over the world, especially from those pockets where the Indian diaspora exists. Maharashtrians, along with them carry not only their culture but also this divine attire. Symbol of Maratha identity, the Marathi Paithani Silk Sarees represents the prestige and power of the person draping it. 


Marathi Paithani Saree, a Combination of Enticing Designs and Exquisite Weaves


Marathi Paithani Saree reflects centuries of expertise and finesse, besides the spectacular Maharashtrian culture. The marvellous hand-woven Paithani Sarees with rich borders and ornamental pallus have become a perfect choice for festivities. Hence they have become essentials of high-end wardrobes.
Premium art pieces: Each saree is a work of art with special attention paid to the pallu. Each pallu is a picturesque portrait as it is involvedly crafted with great care and passion. The rich fabric with the vibrant colours displays a liberal use of gold and exquisite motifs. 

Colour palette: Sky blue, green, red, yellow, purple and peach-pink are the colours commonly found in Paithani Silk Sarees

Rich Motifs: The traditional motifs are inspired by our flora and fauna. They include mor (peacock), bangadi mor (bangle with four peacocks and lotus), munia/tota-maina (parrot-maina), Ajanta lotus, asavali (vines and flowers), koyari (mango shape) and akruti (almond shape). Musical instruments like tabla, shehnai, sambal and tanpura are also seen as motifs on Marathi Paithani Silk Sarees

Into showbiz: Reaching fashion shows and ramps, the Marathi Paithani saree has become a fashion fabric, making its unique fashion statement.

Online shopping: Yes, you certainly feel like touching and scrutinising the Marathi Paithani Silk Saree before you buy it because of the heavy price tag it carries. But if you are tapping the right source and selecting a trust-worthy brand like Mavuri’s Online Shop, there is no reason for you to hold back. You are bound to be rewarded with an authentic and pure Marathi Paithani Silk Saree.