Pure Crepe Sarees

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Pure Crepe Sarees 

Pure crepe sarees are a type of saree made from crepe fabric, a lightweight, soft, and textured fabric known for its distinctive crinkled or pebbled surface. Crepe fabric is created using various fibres such as silk, synthetic materials like polyester, or a blend of different fibres. The term "crepe" refers to the unique crinkled texture achieved through a special weaving process or post-weaving treatments.



Here are five characteristics of pure crepe sarees that make them one of the most popular choices among saree aficionados. 


Crinkled texture

The most noticeable feature of crepe sarees is their crinkled or pebbled texture. This distinctive surface adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the fabric, creating a visually interesting appearance. The crinkled texture not only sets crepe sarees apart from other types of sarees but also enhances their overall aesthetic appeal.


Lightweight and drapability

Crepe fabric is lightweight, making pure crepe sarees easy to drape and comfortable to wear. The inherent drapability of crepe allows the saree to gracefully cling to the body, creating a flattering and flowy silhouette. This feature makes crepe sarees a preferred choice for various occasions, as they offer both style and comfort.


Versatility in fibres 

Pure crepe sarees can be crafted from a variety of fibres, including silk, georgette, or synthetic materials. Each type of crepe has its own unique characteristics, providing versatility in terms of texture, sheen, and drape. The choice of fibre allows for a wide range of options, catering to different preferences and occasions.


Variety in designs and colours 

Pure crepe sarees come in a diverse range of designs, patterns, and colours. Whether adorned with intricate embroidery, sequins, or vibrant prints, crepe sarees offer a plethora of choices to suit various tastes and occasions. This versatility makes them suitable for both casual and formal wear.


Comfortable all-season wear

The lightweight and breathable nature of crepe fabric makes pure crepe sarees suitable for all seasons. They provide comfort in warm weather while offering an elegant and stylish look. Additionally, the fabric's adaptability to different embellishments and designs makes crepe sarees a versatile choice for year-round fashion.