Pure Silk Paithani Saree


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No Maharashtrian event, whether it is an ostentatious wedding or a modest religious ceremony, is never ever complete without the participating ladies showing off their Pure Silk Paithani Sarees with all pride and pomp. Why not? The fabric touted as the Queen of Silks forms the base of sarees which are embellished with myriad colours, alluring borders and breath-taking pallus. This exquisite composition makes the Pure Silk Paithani Saree stand apart from and above all the traditional sarees of India. The Mavuri’s Online Shop offers a wide variety of this majestic weave which is sure to be your celebratory attire. 

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The Birth and Evolution of the Pure Silk Paithani Saree  


Paithan, a town in Aurangabad district, Maharashtra, is the birthplace of very unique hand-woven Paithani Sarees. The classic sarees, exuding grace and dignity, have been the preferred attires for women belonging to royal families and aristocratic circles for eaons. As the time blurred the borders between communities, cultures and and, the Pure Silk Paithani Saree has become popular world over. Satiating the changing tastes of the saree- aficionados, the Pure Silk Paithani Saree has acquired new nuances and adopted newer concepts. Today it has become an imperative in the wardrobes of all those women who define fashion and style.


Know your Pure Silk Paithani Saree: The give-away traits and textures 


One can very easily spot an authentic Pure Silk Paithani Saree as it shines and stands out in a hoard of Pure Silk Sarees. Endowed with very exclusive features and textures, Pure Silk Paithani  comes with an exquisite finish and luxurious looks. Patterns woven with vibrant and genuine zari work are its tell-tales. One of the most sought-after and popular designs of Pure Silk Paithani Saree designs is the saree with the pallu that carries the motif of peacock. There are innumerable designs incorporated in Pure Silk Paithani Sarees. The present day designers have amalgamated some modern patterns and designs into Pure Paithani Sarees, of course, without tampering with its originality. This is done purely to enhance the saree’s looks and to appease the modern audience.


Pure Paithani Sarees: Rich in colour and content


Pure Paithani Sarees reveal the use of the full palette of colours. But black, light black, yellow and blue, besides the combinations of green, red, and pink or green, white and red or green and red are common. The most distinct feature of Pure Paithani Silk Saree is that it looks the same on both sides. The ‘Gara’ embroidery technique applied here leaves no loose threads and keeps the wearer in comfort.


The making of Pure Silk Paithani Saree, a protracted and complex process


A masterpiece called Pure Silk Paithani Saree is created only after a painstaking process and prolonged toil. The making of Pure Paithani Sarees involves both brain and brawn of master weavers and their relentless efforts. The use of natural dyes and gold and silver threads pushes up the cost of Pure Silk Paithani Saree. And you may see them at a premium cost in the market. But be assured you get your money’s worth by including the alluring Pure Silk Paithani Saree in your wardrobe. Just take good care of this delicate addition to your splendid collection and you can gift it to the generation next with confidence.

Pure Silk Paithani Saree, the Brides Drape

Tradition-prescribed Pure Silk Paithani Saree are the hot favourites of Maharashtrian brides. It is the first saree to reach the bride’s trousseau. Brides style and wear their Pure Silk Paithani Sarees in varied ways to accomplish suitable looks for each event that goes with the wedding. Pure Silk Paithani Sarees, decked with colourful motifs and vibrant colours, symbolise the spirit of rich Maharashtrian heritage and culture. Enamoured by their grandeur and glow, brides from other communities too are choosing them for their Big Day. 


Destination Pure Silk Paithani Saree? Of course, it is Mavuri’s Online Shop

You may have a number of apprehensions and anxieties when it comes to buying a high-end Pure Silk Paithani Saree without physically feeling and judging it. Fret not, our trusted experts do the job for you. They become your eyes and hands and handpick the sarees for you. You can trust them and shop with us.