Black and Gold Kanchipuram Silk Saree

Rs. 43,886

Another piece away from the regular saree designs with a Kanchipuram weave, this black saree with minute checks is the right statement piece for all your parties and special occasions.

Colour- Black

Fabric - Kanchipuram Silk

Technique - Weaving Kanchipuram sarees is an art as well as a skill. To create elaborate and timeless patterns, three spindle shaped shuttles are used to loom and weave the sarees. The principle weaver works on the right shuttle and a helper works on the left one. With utmost synchronization, the warp and weft are interwoven to create mesmerizing patterns that make the saree an everlasting epitome of beauty.

Speciality- with an open striped border and checks in the body of the saree, one is bound to be enamoured by this product at the first sight.

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