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All You Need to Know About Bridal Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

by Bhargavi Mittalu on Mar 21, 2023

All You Need to Know About Bridal Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

Bridal Kanchipuram, also known as Kanjeevaram, silk sarees are amongst the most prized sarees in the wedding trousseau. Known for their rich luxurious shine and grandeur, there are aspects that every Kanchipuram saree owner must know about. So, we bring you five things that you must know about the luxurious and radiant Kanchipuram silk sarees.

  1. Yarn and zari: An original Kanchipuram silk saree is always crafted using fine quality mulberry silk yarn. The silk is extracted from the cocoon of the Bombyx mori moth, a worm which feeds only on white mulberry leaves. As a result, the quality of silk is known to be amongst the best in the world. With its origins in China that date back to 5,000 years ago, this silk is known for its strength and softness. These qualities make it a material that’s durable, light in weight, and, most essentially, easy for the wearer to carry. Coupled with the premium quality of mulberry silk, Kanchipuram silk sarees also use pure gold and silver zari in their weave, making each saree even more exceptional. 

Bridal Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

  1. History of the weave: Handloom upholds the tradition that each garment has its own unique narrative. The city of Kanchipuram has over 40,000 weavers, for whom the silk sarees are an important source of income. History indicates that these silk sarees were once reserved only for the royals; owing to the rich material and high cost involved. However, over time, these sarees started to get chosen by brides and the elite classes of India. Additionally, this destination is also considered one of the seven sacred cities of India; a factor that makes Kanchipuram silk sarees even more desirable for auspicious occasions such as weddings. An interesting legend also states that Kanchipuram weavers are the descendants of Sage Markanda, who was considered to be the master weaver for the Gods themselves. 

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  1. The weave: A detailed process is followed to prepare the yarn and weave the sarees. The yarn, procured from cocoons, is first cleaned and dyed with the required colours. This yarn is then put on to the handloom and woven into a saree. A unique system that employs three shuttles, and requires two people per loom, is followed for every saree. The intricacy of the weave depends on the complexity of the design involved. These garments use gold or silver thread that enhances both the value, as well as the cost, of the saree. The process is time consuming, and on an average, a weaver family is able to create 4-5 sarees a month on a single loom. 

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  1. The look: Few sarees offer the grand look that distinguishes an exquisite Kanchipuram silk saree. Crafted using pure silk thread and silver or gold zari, these sarees usually come in bold colors with zari motifs and contrasting borders. Bridal sarees are especially embellished with pure zari and you can choose from among thousands of traditional elements in motifs. These usually have motifs of elephants, peacocks, birds, flowers, leaves, vines, as well as certain geometric patterns. For those who love simple sarees, workmanship on the pallu and border is often a good choice accompanied with buttas or motifs along the length of the sarees. Then there are the heavily embellished sarees that have work on the entire body of the saree as well. Another interesting look is where the pallu of the saree is of a different colour, which is often attached to the body of the saree in an intricate way. 
  1. The variety: There are multiple styles of design and material in Kanchipuram silk sarees as well. With the most exquisite pure silk, and pure zari sarees, ranging in lakhs, there are varieties that are pocket friendly for everyone. You can opt for blended sarees or plain silk sarees with contrast borders that employ no zari and can go easy on your pocket. Choosing zari that doesn’t employ gold and silver is another option that many have now begun taking up. Catering to a newer segment of buyers, sarees are available with traditional temple borders and fascinating motifs to catch the eye and capture your imagination. To know the variety, do visit a trusted store, and you will be amazed. On this note, do be wary of duplicate sarees that are also in the market.

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