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What are the benefits of Kanchipuram silk sarees?

by Bhargavi Mittalu on Mar 21, 2023

What are the benefits of Kanchipuram silk sarees?

Owning a Kanchipuram pure silk saree is a dream for every saree lover. Be it the rich luxuriousness of this silk sari or the beautiful palette of colors it is available in, there’s much that entices the eye and wins the heart. And the story of the love for Kanchipuram silk sarees from Tamil Nadu doesn’t end here. These beautiful sarees come with many benefits too. Here are the top five benefits that make owning this sari a great investment.

  • You get to own a bit of India’s rich culture
  • Dating back to hundreds of years, Kanchipuram sarees were once worn by the royalty of India. Making use of gold and silver zari, the rich mulberry silk was out of reach for the commoners. With each sari showcasing a bit of Indian history, purchasing these saris makes you a part of its narrative. Also, as its method of making involves the usage of three shuttles on a handloom, you get to own a part of India’s rich culture and call it your very own. With a wide range to choose from, you can buy a sari that’s affordable or luxurious, depending upon the occasion and your requirements.

  • You get yourself a garment that is heirloom and can be passed on.
  • Consider yourself lucky if you have been passed on a Kanchipuram silk sari from your mother or grandmother. Crafted from mulberry silk, these saris are not only strong and durable, they are also amazingly light in weight. However, do not despair if you don’t own a heirloom Kanchipuram sari yet. Purchasing one for yourself, will enable you to enjoy the sari and also pass it on to your daughter. With a lifespan of 25 years and more, this sari is definitely a keepsake and hence preferred by many brides as well. With traditional motifs dominating the design palette of Kanchipuram sarees, these are timeless and classy pieces.

  • You get a sari that’s comfortable in any season & many occasions 
  • Kanchipuram silk is a beautiful material that has low conductivity. This ensures that you stay warm during winter season, making it comfortable to wear. Additionally, the material is also airy in nature, and as a result it keeps you cool during the summer season. However this benefit only applies to pure silk sarees. Blended saris which have artificial yarn mixed in them, will not offer you the same kind of comfort. You can also choose your Kanchipuram sari based on your occasion and personality. Opt for heavy zari saris for special occasions like a wedding. Alternatively, you can also get plain Kanchipuram silk saris with little zari for simpler occasions.

  • You support the handloom industry
  • Did you know that India’s handloom industry is the second highest employer and income generator after agriculture? With a rich history of handloom spread across India, your purchase of any handloom sari does a beneficial bit in supporting India’s rich heritage. This is even more true for Kanchipuram sarees that take three to five months to be made, and involve a weaver’s entire family. These sarees are exclusive, and also have their own GI tag. So, even if your purchase may seem like an expensive indulgence at the outset, do remember that this not only supports and motivates a weaver’s family it also keeps up a rich Indian tradition. It also encourages the next generation of weavers to keep the tradition of the craft alive.

  • You get to shine in an eco-friendly material
  • Lastly and most importantly, Kanchipuram sarees are beautiful pieces of craftsmanship that enable you to shine in their radiance, sheen and glory. Crafted in bold and often contrasting colors, the temple borders, intricate and traditional motifs and elaborate workmanship keep the spotlight on you, every time you wear this saree. What makes this even better is the fact that the handloom industry is eco-friendly and the sarees and their making do not harm the planet in any way. 

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