Bhagalpur Sarees

Bhagalpur Silk Sarees at Mavuri


Unveil the threads of elegance and grandeur with Mavuri's Bhagalpur Silk Sarees! Explore the exquisite fusion of opulent designs and rich textures that make these sarees a symbol of luxury and splendor.

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Bhagalpur Silk Saree  

Originating from the culturally rich land of Bihar is the Bhagalpur silk saree, a timeless symbol of luxury and heritage with roots that date back to ancient times. Known as the Silk City of India, the Bhagalpur town is home to thousands of artisan families, whose bread is earned through the intrinsic handloom of these magnificent weaves. These drapes, for ages, have captured the hearts of saree fashionistas with an unmatched charm and a constant reinvention to appeal to modern women. 

Mavuri’s, an abode of alluring handlooms, has held the Bhagalpur silk saree in high regard, showcasing a rich enchanting colours at various price ranges. 

Origins of the weave  

During the mediaeval period, a Bhagalpur Silk Saree stood as a symbol of royalty, with strong patronage from the elite community. Further, the Muhgal era bolstered the weave’s claim as a hot favourite and was often appreciated for its surreal quality. The local artisans have transferred the knowledge through generations, keeping the quality and its special recognition intact. To date, the traditional techniques used in hand looming a Bhagalpur silk saree breathes authenticity into the silk. 

Running through the fabric 

Bhagalpur rose to prominence for being amongst the largest Tussar silk producers not just in the country, but in the world. The Tussar silk is what makes these sarees an esteemed addition to a wardrobe, giving the drape a distinctive appeal. The natural deep golden glisten and the rich texture of this silk makes it ideal for a royal and luxurious drape. Besides the Bhagalpur sarees, Tussar is used in other regions such as Bengal and Jharkhand for textile production. 

GI-tagged saree 

Recognising the authentic excellence of this weave, the Geographical Indication (GI) tag has been awarded to the Bhagalpur silk saree, strengthening its claim as one of the most exquisite handlooms. This coveted legal protection ensures that these sarees uphold the distinctive qualities associated with the traditional handloom craft. 

In contemporary style 

The experienced weavers of Bhagalpur have time and again reinvented themselves, adapting to the prevailing trends and fashion choices. This has made the Bhagalpur silk saree relevant even in the modern times, striking a chord with women pursuing a seamless blend of trendy styles and authentic elegance. 

Economic and cultural impact 

The silk industry of Bhagalpur plays a vital role in the economic cycle of Bihar, directly and indirectly influencing the lives of thousands of weaver families. These striking sarees also reflect the odyssey of the craft from being exclusive to the royalty to a choice of every fashion-forward woman out there. Today, these sartorial masterpieces continue to be treasured for their historical legacy and timeless appeal. 

Bhagalpur silk sarees in Mavuris wardrobe  

Mavuri’s collection of these Bihar-originated weaves is a striking token of tribute to the indigenous craft. Spanning across several colour palettes, the collection, which also extends to the Tussar silk collection, is a pure treat to a woman’s sartorial cravings. The price range of the Bhagalpur silk saree collection makes it worth a browse.