bhagalpuri tussar silk sarees

Handloom Tussar silk sarees

Tussar silk, a fabric native to the regions of Bihar and Jharkhand in India, stands out among the fabrics for creating exquisite handloom sarees. Revered for its inherent golden glimmer and deep-rooted heritage, Tussar silk enjoys widespread appreciation from women with distinct sartorial preferences. These sarees, light in weight yet rich in appeal, serve as symbolic representations of masterful craftsmanship and surreal elegance.At Mavuri’s, Tussar silk holds a special place in our hearts. We passionately curate an impressive catalogue, showcasing enchanting hues, intricate patterns, and captivating motifs across various price ranges.

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Origin and journey 

The term "Tussar" finds its roots in the Sanskrit word "Kosa." This distinctive silk, produced by wild silkworms scientifically known as the Antheraea Mylitta, boasts deep connections with Indian sartorial culture. Predominantly found in Bihar, Jharkhand, and West Bengal, Tussar silk gained unmatched prominence during the mediaeval period, further flourishing during the Mughal era. Across centuries, handloom weavers have carried forward the traditional artistry of crafting Tussar silk sarees, etching an authentic history into the fabric's name.

Bhagalpur Tussar 

While Tussar silk is naturally present in multiple regions, Bhagalpur, affectionately known as the Silk City of India, stands out as one of the largest producers globally. This city not only contributes significantly to Bihar’s economic cycle through silk saree production but is also synonymous with the creation of exquisite weaves. The pure Bhagalpur Tussar silk sarees have earned the coveted GI tag, a certification upholding the distinct qualities unique to the region's craft.

Timeless allure of the fabric 

The Tussar silks , with its inherent golden sheen, provides compelling reasons for being among the most sought-after fabrics for handloom production of sarees. Its lightweight nature is an added advantage, allowing wearers to carry the saree effortlessly while emanating unparalleled elegance. The porous quality of Tussar silk enhances breathability, distinguishing it with a coarser texture compared to contemporaries.

Versatility and vibrancy 

Tussar silk sarees present a vibrant array of colours, ranging from bright pinks and elegant blues to a palette of greens. These drapes not only embrace vivid hues but also feature earthy tones, adding a touch of grace to the wearer's elegance. Renowned for intricate patterns, Tussar sarees embody cultural significance through artistic designs and thoughtful motifs. Their distinctive attributes make them versatile, suitable for various occasions.

Mavuri’s Tussar silk saree collection

Mavuri’s, a haven for sartorial enthusiasts, proudly houses a collection of pure silk sarees, with a special emphasis on Tussar silk. Available both online and offline at different price points, our inventories illuminate a woman's dreams of the perfect drape, offering every reason to revisit us for special occasions. Mavuri’s Tussar silk sarees epitomise unwavering dedication to the artistry of handloom craftsmanship.